Puppy Raisers

puppy raiser volunteer holding puppyService Dogs of Virginia always needs puppy raisers. The more puppy raisers we have, the more service dogs we can place with the people who need them. Our puppy raisers are very special people, and we depend on them to help get our babies off on the right paw.

As a Puppy Raiser you bring one of our service dog candidate pups into your home and care for it for approximately 12 months. During the dog’s time with you, we pay for food, veterinary care, equipment, and training. There are few things in this world more heart-warming than handing your pup’s leash over to its new partner and knowing that you’ve given a disabled handler a level of independence they didn’t have before. Where else can one person have such a direct, profound, positive impact on another person’s life?

To learn more about what’s expected of our Puppy Raisers, refer to the Puppy Raiser FAQs page.

“We got Whitman when he was 8 weeks old and from that day forward he has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. We also know that our work will make a difference in someone’s life. We are so happy to have the opportunity to contribute to an organization that provides such a wonderful service to families that need the extra help a service dog can provide. This has been such a fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity!”

Cathy Buhle