Staff & Board of Directors

Peggy Law

Gryphon and PeggyFounder & Executive Director; Director of Training

Peggy began service dog work at the Assistance Dog Institute in 1999. In pursuit of more specialized skills in animal training, Peggy enrolled in the Operant Conditioning Workshops in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She has attended the trainers’ workshop given by Ken Ramirez at the Shedd Aquarium as well as multiple “Clicker Expo” training workshops. She also worked with National Service Dogs in Ontario, Canada, to learn about training dogs to assist children with autism. Peggy is part of an international coalition of trainers working to improve and set standards for the emerging field of diabetic alert dog training.

Sally Day

Sally with DanesDirector of Development

Sally Barbee Day joined SDV in late 2014 as Director of Development. A Charlottesville native and UVa graduate, she’s thrilled to combine her desire to help others with her lifelong love of dogs. Sally has experience in fundraising, events, marketing, and communications. Sally would love for SDV to have a permanent home and to be able to train more dogs each year to help those in need. She looks forward to meeting you and helping change lives one dog at a time.

Linda Morris

Linda MorrisTrainer

Of all the responsibilities Linda has with Service Dogs, training is her favorite. Coming from a traditional training model, Linda has embraced positive training and knows how it brings out the best in each dog. She is our “go to” person for all things related to dog health and serves as liaison with our veterinarians. Linda knows first hand how and why a service dog changes a life because her son is a quadriplegic and she was first introduced to our organization when her son received one of our dogs. Linda has raised a puppy for the organization prior to joining the staff and now teaches puppy classes to volunteer trainers.

Linda Farina

Binky and Linda FarinaTrainer

Linda Farina is a pleasure to work with because she is perennially cheerful and trains with her whole heart. It’s one of the reasons all the dogs adore her and work so hard for her. She is kind and thoughtful to dog and person alike. Long ago, Linda raised a puppy for SDV and now leads the volunteer classes, always thinking of new and interesting things to do, handles all the dog insurance claims, orders supplies and is a vital member of the training staff.

Karla McCollough

Office Administrator/Client Liaison

A long time “nights and weekends” volunteer and overall supporter of SDV, Karla brings her passion for dogs and her commitment to helping others to her
new role. She will manage the day to day operations of this busy non-profit and ensure that SDV’s clients receive the support and attention they need to be successful with their service dogs.


In addition to our highly skilled staff, we rely on volunteers to raise and train our puppies. A number of volunteers help us with advanced training, follow-up client training, fundraising, and events.

Board of Directors

Amelia Archer
Dan Eggleston
Peggy Law, Executive Director
Matt Quatrara, President
Polly Tarbell, Secretary/Treasurer

If you are interested in joining our board, please contact Peggy Law, .