After you have reviewed the programs offered by Service Dogs of Virginia, and the criteria we use to make placement decisions, you may elect to apply for a dog. Please do NOT pay the $100 application fee until you send in a completed application. Before initiating an application, please read our Criteria for Applicants, Application Process, and Estimate of Expenses pages, and call us.

Important Information:

  • Service Dogs of Virginia only places service dogs with clients who reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Before you apply, please note that Service Dogs of Virginia does NOT train dogs for: hearing or visual impairment, psychiatric disorders, or seizures.
  • Only active duty, retired military, veterans, police or first responders may apply for a PTSD service dog.

Apply for a Service Dog

Other applications

No application fee required for those listed below.

Apply to be a Puppy Raiser or Nights & Weekends Volunteer

Apply for a Released Dog