Application Process

Service Dogs of Virginia Application Process

Please Note: you must be a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia to apply. Thank you.

  1. Contact us via mail, phone, or e-mail; we will conduct an informal, preliminary interview with you, and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Start the application online and we will email or mail Part 2 of the application to you. Please include the $100, non-refundable application fee with Part 2 to SDV.
  3. Submit the medical releases and medical history forms to your health care providers. They will send them to us: Service Dogs of Virginia, 218 Albemarle Sq., Charlottesville, VA 22901.
  4. SDV will review your application and when it is complete, will call you to arrange a time for you to come to our training center for a formal interview. The purpose of the interview is three-fold: we will have a face-to-face meeting to increase our knowledge about you, you will meet some of our dogs-in-training, and you can ask questions about our programs.
  5. SDV contacts your references.
  6. SDV conducts a home visit.
  7. You demonstrate the ability to pay for the daily expenses of caring for a dog, including, but not limited to, food, vet care, heartworm medication, and replacement equipment. See estimate of expenses for more information.
  8. SDV will determine whether you would benefit from one of our service dogs and will notify you with the decision as to whether a Service Dog is appropriate.
  9. After you are approved for a service dog, you may be required to return to SDV to meet several potential dogs.

It costs SDV approximately $40,000 to purchase, raise, train, place and provide follow-up training and assistance for each service dog. This cost is NOT passed on to our clients. We endeavor to provide the most “perfect” match of a dog with a client. When a suitable dog has been identified, we will contact you regarding participation in transfer camp. The dog remains the property of SDV if Transfer Camp is not completed. For successful clients, ownership is granted after one year and successful passing of the re-certification test annually as long as the client has the dog. Candidates who are unable to complete the transfer camp and/or the public access test will not be placed with a dog.