Is a service dog right for you?

service dog puppyAdding a canine companion to your life needs to be a well thought out decision. There will be many changes to daily routines, so your schedule may be greatly altered for the first three to six months as you get to know your service dog’s needs, habits, and personality and he gets to know yours. Though your dog is trained, it is normal for both of you to experience an adjustment period when you are initially partnered together.

Dogs require a safe, stable home environment. They need time free from stress, and a reliable, consistent routine. Your dog will show up for work every day to help you with whatever you need, and in return requires a few essentials. A dog’s basic care includes proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, time to play, and preventative veterinary care. Dogs are not machines; they are feeling, caring creatures that have needs, moods, likes and dislikes. Regular exercise is critical to a service dog’s ability to do his job. It is also essential to practice skills and behaviors that you expect your dog to perform.

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