Service Dogs of Virginia Needs a Home!

Do you have a building or extra space that you’re not using? Would you love a friendly, furry tenant that works like a dog? If so, Service Dogs of Virginia would like to hear from you!

Service Dogs of Virginia will be homeless come December 31, 2011, and we are in search of a new space that is 3,000-5,000 square feet that could be donated or rented at a discount. (We can move before Dec 31st). In turn for this kind generosity, SDV will be honored to list the landowner as a sponsor and there could be potential tax benefits as well.

For more information, read on:

New Space Proposal

Currently, we are renting space at a considerable discount ($400 per month) from the Old Dominion Animal Hospital on Preston Avenue. However, our lease is up at the end of 2011 and we need to secure a new home as Old Dominion needs to expand into our space.


To continue fulfilling this worthy mission, SDV is seeking a space that could either be donated or rented at a discount. In turn for this kind generosity, SDV will be honored to list the landowner as a sponsor and there could be potential tax benefits as well.

Space Needs

Please note that the dogs do not stay at the training center, they go home each night with an SDV trainer or puppy raiser volunteer. The space will not be used for kenneling purposes.

1. Indoor Space – approximately 3-5,000 square feet, handicap accessible. We could make the needed adaptations if necessary.

1. Training Space: one large room for power chairs, puppy class, conference uses. One to three smaller rooms would also be a bonus for individual training spaces.
2. Office Space: For trainers, administration, development
3. Laundry area, tub/shower for washing dogs ideal, but we can use the outdoors.
4. Food prep area
5. Bathroom (accessible)

2. Outdoor Space – accessible preferred

a. Fenced space coming directly off the building for exercising dogs. We can fence the area.

b. Ideally a yard could be separated so puppies could be kept from bigger dogs.

c. Long-range wish list would include paved paths that local clients could use to exercise their dogs (i.e. wheelchair accessible paths for people in a setting for dogs)

3. Location – Close to downtown if possible, but not a requirement. This is ideal because we depend a great deal on volunteers and UVA students. Also we need to take the dogs to areas like Barrack’s Road, the downtown mall, the Omni and bus stations for training.

4. Budget – Ideally the space would be donated or rented at a reduced rate as we are a very small nonprofit with a very limited budget. However our current budget for rent is $400-$800 a month.


The support we receive from individuals, foundations, businesses and the community is critical to helping us raise and train service dogs to assist people with disabilities. SDV receives no support from the government.

The ultimate measure of success is when a person is able to return to work, attend school safely, use fewer personal care attendant hours, and find increased personal freedom, safety, independence, companionship and happiness.

The gift our dogs give is priceless. And the individuals who receive a dog are forever grateful.

Thank you for your help and consideration.

Stacey Lange, Director of Development

Posted by Service Dogs of Virginia