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Born on September 10, these nine puppies will be with SDV for eight weeks at which point, five will stay and the other four will go to other service dog organizations. When the pups were four days old and their eyes and ears still closed, we conducted a two-week neurological stimulation program, which exposes the developing brains to new smells, body positions, and sensations. As they grow, they will be introduced to a wide variety of interactive environments along with the exploration of the outdoors as is developmentally appropriate. The purpose of exposing them to all these stimuli is to educate their growing brains at significant milestones, which results in confident, resilient puppies. It involves lots of time and effort but is well worth the investment.

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Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

By sponsoring a service dog you will share in the training journey and you will receive special insider email updates on the pup’s progress and a professional photo of your dog.


  • Receive a certificate signed by SDV’s Founder, Peggy Law,
    a professional color photo of your sponsored dog, and
    email updates on the dog’s progress


  • All the above and……………………… 1 item below


  • All the above and……………………… 2 items below


  • All the above and……………………… 3 items below


  • All the above, recognition at our Annual Graduation Event, and…….. 4 items below


  • All the above and …………………….. 5 items below

Feel free to mix and match! For example, if you sponsor at the $275 level, you can choose 3 totes or 2 sets of note cards and a paw painting or any combination of 3 items.

PLEASE NOTE: Not every dog who begins training completes our program. If a dog you sponsored is disqualified, you can be confident your donation will still be vital to our work and is put toward another dog’s training.

SDV Supporter TShirtSupporter T-Shirt
SDV ToteCanvasTote Bag
(13.25”H X 19.75”W X 7”D)
SDV Chefs Apron
Chefs Apron
notecardsSet of 8 Notecards
(with envelopes)

Please allow 5 to 10 days for delivery. Christmas Holiday deadline is December 16th.

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