Released Dogs

SDV does not often release dogs, but when the time comes we do refer to the applications we’ve received. Most of our dogs that are released from the program are adopted by their puppy raiser. If the puppy raiser is unable to adopt the dog, we look for a suitable placement. If you are interested in adopting a released dog please complete an application.

Released Dogs Available for Adoption

We do not have any dogs available for adoption at this time. Please check back periodically.

How We Acquire Dogs

The majority of the dogs we train and place with clients are full-bred Labrador Retrievers (black & yellow). We work with several licensed breeders in the Charlottesville area, as well as further afield, to obtain puppies that are best suited to service dog careers. Through our accreditation by Assistance Dogs International, we participate in a breeding program and from time to time we obtain a released dog from one of the Guide Dog schools. Dogs not suited to guide dog work can be excellent service dogs. Sometimes, but only rarely, we take in shelter / rescue dogs or dogs donated by private individuals. These acquisitions are at the discretion of our Executive Director. We occasionally work with other breeds, or other assistance dog organizations, to obtain dogs under special circumstances. At this time, we do not train “non-SDV” dogs (such as pets) to become service dogs, nor do we conduct private training classes at SDV.